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Software Updates

September!!!  Kids are heading back to school, college students are leaving home and we are all settling into our new routines.  While we are focused on learning, let’s think about our cars.  Yes, cars learn too!!  Your vehicle is now a complex computer on wheels and just like laptops and cell phones, their software needs to be updated too. 

Your vehicle’s software plays a part in everything from blind spot detection to your engine function, braking systems and even temperature control.  Malware updates also prevent hackers from manipulating anti- theft software and taking remote control of steering, braking, engine and transmission operation.  If you own an electric car, software updates are critical to the performance and health of the EV battery.

Newer vehicles may have an alert that will display on your dashboard to let you know an update is needed.  If your vehicle is older, our technicians would be happy to check to see if there are any updates required on your vehicle next time you are in the shop.

As always, if you have any questions please give us a call.  We are always happy to help!!

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