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Tires & Suspension

Tires & Suspension

Many of us have a dream car. It could be an offroad vehicle like the Jeep, or a sports car like a Mercedes or Ferrari. Of course, for most of society these cars often stay dreams. However, cars in and of themselves are each complicated, and in many ways already more luxurious than you may think.  Every car has a suspension system that’s in place to absorb all the bumps one might feel on the road, and keep your drive a lot more comfortable. Without it, driving in a car would be pretty unpleasant. While one might not think about it, the suspension system is a really important part of the car’s structure, and makes sure that your wheels stay on the ground at all times. Each little bump or hole that one might feel while on the road is reduced by the suspension system. How Does It Work? Cars need the suspension system to keep you comfortable. When driving, the only part of the car that is touching the ground is your tires, but they can’t handle all ... read more

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